Knowing Your Rights as the Website Owner


Having issues with your current web designer because he refuses to handover the original source code ?

Having problem updating your own website, and can't find the original creator any more ?

Wake up in the morning and find out that your website has been hacked ?

Can't shift your website to somewhere else although you are not happy with the present company ?

The so-called 'source code' given by your previous web designer is actually some useless JPEG files ?

Your website has gone forever after the company shut down ?

Just imaging how good it is if you are now holding the website Emergency Recovery Disk (we named it E.R.D) and have your website re-installed back within 1 hour or less in a new server (perhaps with little help from the new hosting company's technician).

Recently there have been so many enquiries on how a company can maintain their own website without having to rely on part timers or web designers. Even though this is not a new issue to highlight, however many companies are still risking their business websites by not having their websites 'insured'.

'Insured' here simply means own a copy of the critical files for future alteration or re-installation in case of emergencies.
  • Artwork original source files (photoshop, flash..) for future artwork modification just in case the web designer is no more in business. This are standard files whereby any designer knows well.
  • Website program or database files (html, javascripts, php, css, mysql..) to enable other programmer to make slight amendment for you when the original programmer changed his number.
  • Website Emergency Recovery File - to enable the original website to be reinstalled in "minutes" when you decide to switch web hosting company, or after your website being damaged seriously by unknown hacker..

These are the critical files your part time designer or freelancer never disclose to you. Remember, you need to ask for these files upon completion of your website. For us, it has long been our standard practice to hand it over to you in CD at the end of web design process. Don't ever lose your website again !

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